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Global Expansion Strategy for New Markets Growth 

YewserGo. Grow. Global.

Creating optimized product, marketing and business experiences that connect with worldwide customers for global impact.

-Who's Yew?

Yew is an evergreen cross-continental tree,

emblem of global growth.


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Services: what problems we're solving for




  • Product geo-fit audit and playbook for MVP lift performance on key funnels: discoverability, user acquisition, engagement, conversion, retention

  • Internationalization, localization, and culturalization best practices

  • Growth strategies (organic): domains, ISEO, hreflang, canonical URLs to max local traffic and ranking

  • SEM, international product marketing

  • Global payments, Pricing, Checkout-to-Complete-Orders geo-optimization 

  • Local content transcreation

  • English creative copywrite


  • Target markets, addressable segments, remainder growth opportunity. Market readiness & company readiness

  • User research by country

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Strategic partnerships, APIs

  • Success metrics and core KPIs

  • Value prop positioning by geo

  • Mobile-first readiness strategy



  • Internationalization (I18N)

  • Localization (L10N)

  • Global-ready product builds, platform infrastructure architecture

  • International UX: AB test case studies

  • International product optimization for lift impact on key funnels: user onboarding, engagement, conversion, retention

  • Effective collaboration across internal function teams, HQ & in-country hubs, to align corporate core objective and drive horizontal efforts across the organization 

About Yewser

Build bonds. Bridge gaps. Worldwide

Yewser provides the playbook for global-ready product strategy and rollout to make your products make sense in international markets. We help companies reach global expansion, optimizing the product functionality, experience, and value proposition to fit the local market opportunity on a global scale. Our orientation is customer-centered product experience that meets the needs across culture codes and market wants.

Global from get-go

Yewser trains internal teams on best practices to maximize their product output value for their international user-base. We help cross-cultural, cross-functional, and cross-border teams connect and collaborate to empower effective launch of products tailored for international adoption. Training includes internationalization (i18n), localization (l10n), international product UX (with case studies on what works/what doesn’t), and global growth strategy models for top of funnel high-intent new engaged signups.



About the team

Founder: Talia Baruch has been driving vision, strategy and launch roadmap for product-market-fit at Google, Starbucks, OpenTable, VMware,, SurveyMonkey, and LinkedIn for 20 years. Talia leads innovation that challenges the status quo and introduces creative solutions to accelerate brand discoverability, user acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention funnels on a global scale. She stays tuned to the voice of the customer, drawing on data pulse, user studies, and running AB test experiments to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a holistic geo-fit product flow that lifts impact to the business bottom-line. 

Team: Talia partners with her in-country teams of subject-matter experts to provide custom solutions to maximize your new-markets entry and global growth goals. Track record of exceeding target KPIs.

Customers: who we're optimizing for


Partial sampler of customers we support:


Google (portfolio startups in applied machine learning technologies in Emerging Markets), Squarespace (EU Payments & Checkout optimization, Trello (Japan product geo-fit), Atlassian (global growth), Starbucks (MENA marketing material), WMware (LATAM geo-fit), (international expansion strategy), Resultados Digitais (LATAM and English core markets growth), Procore (global-ready product strategy & International UX), ExpressVPN (Internationalization & Localization for Asia), Slack (internal training: Japan product geo-fit), Snagajob (internal training: Canada product geo-fit), OpenTable (international payments), PreOmics (EU digital marketing strategy), and many more...

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou


We create a brand experience that connects with your local customers, invokes emotion, triggers action, builds bond.

Business Relations, Seoul
BioTech Strategist, Tel Aviv
Chief Napper, Stockholm
Our work


Tel: 650.248.3125

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